Update Log [12/9/17]

    The Cash Shop is now live! Visit it here!

    • Update Log [12/9/17]

      -Archer Class
      -Weaponsmith now sells Bow, Crossbow, and Composite Longbow
      -Enemies now drop higher tiered items based on its level
      -Oni is added to the skill tree (This will be moved to it's own skill tree in the next update.)
      -Loading screens
      -Background music
      -BGM toggle on/off
      -Quest Tracker toggle on/off
      -Portal Indicators
      -Added an additional "Press Space" indicator when you go near NPCs
      -EXP Boost Card (120%) 3 Days was added to the cash shop

      -You now gain extra exp from higher tier monsters
      -The pricing for items is now automatic based on stats (to prepare for a possible future update to items)
      -Archer tree and Warrior tree are now merged into a single tree (you can multi class)
      -Cap for enhancement changed to 100
      -Enhancement now has 100% of success (will be changed later to be based on your level)
      -Getting hit prevents stamina regen for 5 seconds
      -Stamina has a longer delay before regen depending on how low it is
      -You can no longer gain stamina while guarding
      -Shielding will only reduce stamina when hit
      -You can no longer run backwards, turning with the mouse will only take effect when you perform an action

      Status effects now save onto the player

      Archer Skill List
      Skills -


      Stamina - 15
      Cooldown - 8

      A powerful arrow that deals 10 + (80% physical damage).


      Stamina - 30
      Cooldown - 15

      Fire a quick arrow that deals 20 + 75% physical damage as true damage. The enemy hit is marked for 8 seconds, each successful basic attack by you against the target will deal an additional 5% of the target's maximum health as true damage.

      Lunge Shot

      Stamina - 15
      Cooldown - 7

      Lunge backwards firing 5 wide range sets of arrows. Each shot deals 4 + (25% physical damage). Afterwards gain 40% bonus movement speed and attack speed for 4 seconds.

      Fire Arrow

      Chakra - 40
      Cooldown - 10

      Fire a flame imbued arrow which deals 25 + (25% physical damage) + (80% magical damage). Apply Fire Arrow Burning for 5 seconds, dealing 15% of the targets missing health as magical damage per second.

      Ice Arrow

      Chakra - 40
      Cooldown - 12

      Fire an ice imbued arrow that deals 15 + (45% physical damage) + (55% magical damage). Apply Ice Arrow which freezes the opponent for 3 seconds.

      Spiral Shot

      Chakra - 35
      Cooldown - 11

      Fire a piercing arrow that deals 5 + 65% physical damage. Enemies hit are knocked back.

      Ranger's Banner

      Chakra - 30
      Cooldown - 18

      Summon a field that gives you and party members increased attack speed of 30% and a burst of 50% movement speed for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, any ally still standing on the field will gain a shield of 30 + (50% of your magical damage) for 3 seconds.


      Stamina - 25
      Cooldown - 5

      Lay down a trap that hooks onto an enemy snaring them for 3 seconds. During this time, they take 25% increased damage.

      Blinding Arrow

      Stamina - 20
      Cooldown - 12

      Fire an arrow that deals 15 + (25% physical damage)+(65% magical damage) as physical damage. Enemies successfully hit are blinded for 4 seconds, and have 15% reduced armor and DEX for 4 seconds.

      Arrow Rain

      Stamina - 35
      Cooldown - 15

      Fire a series of arrows in an area for 3 seconds. Each half second, deal 10 + (45% physical damage), slowing enemies in the area by 40% for 1 second. This ability deals an additional 30% to an enemy each time they are dealt damage by it.

      Passives -

      Bone Shot

      Your attacks apply Bone Shot to a target, causing them to bleed by 3% of their current health as true damage per second for 3 seconds and slowed by 15%

      Poison Arrow

      Your arrows apply Poison Arrow for 5 seconds. Poison arrow deals 2 + (15% magical damage) magical damage per second and lowers the target's armor by 25% and DEX by 15%.

      Multi Shot

      Your basic attacks deal 10% of the damage dealt to enemies around the hit target.

      Nature's Aim

      You and your allies DEX is increased by 20%. Your arrows move 50% faster.

      Nature's Swiftness

      Gain 15% increased movement speed. Rolling increases your movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds.

      Nature's Protection

      When out of combat, gain a shield of 30 + (120% evasion). While this is active, gain 8% increased movement speed.

      Piercing Arrows

      Your basic arrows can now pierce up to 2 more times, reducing its damage by 30% each time.

      Hawk's Blessing

      Gain 25% bonus critical chance and deal 25% additional critical damage. Critical strikes will apply Hawk's Blessing for 3 seconds, boosting your movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 45%.

      Rapid Fire

      Gain an additional 25% bonus attack speed and 10% bonus DEX.

      Absolute Shot

      While out of combat, gain absolute shot. Your next basic attack is empowered, dealing 50% additional damage, and slowing the target by 35% for 3 seconds.

      Vital Shots

      Your basic attacks deal 5% of the targets missing health as true damage. Each successful basic attack applies a stack of Vital Shot (max 5) slowing the target's movement speed and attack speed by 5% per stack for 3 seconds.