Update Log [11/16/17]

    The Cash Shop is now live! Visit it here!

    • Update Log [11/16/17]

      • Completing a quest now removes quest items associated with it
      • Map expansion
        • 2 new field maps (head right where the runemages are)
        • 2 new cave maps
      • Bone Knights were added to the second part of the cave
      • Stalklings and Hunter added to the second field map
      • Skeletons are now Level 7 (from level 1)
      • Skeletons were moved into the caves
      • Betos were moved to the first new field map
      • Harvests now spawn in a fixed location
      • Water has density so you can not walk over them
      • Rolling has been changed for a smoother feel
      • Alpha Wolf was moved to a new field map
      • Health Bar on enemies now disappears upon death
      Bug Fixes
      • Hit detection for harvests are now fixed
      • Closing the enhancement menu now returns the items back to your inventory
      • Quest items should now drop
      • Crafting now only consumes the correct amount of stacks required
      • Enhancements and Crafting recipes now successfully save and load onto your character