Update Log [11/14/17]

    The Cash Shop is now live! Visit it here!

    • Update Log [11/14/17]

      • Character Creation is now live!
        • for already existing characters you can still enter character creation to modify your character and pick your house alignment
      • A close button was added to the shop menu
      • A close button was added to the enhancement menu

      • Weapon enhancements now save onto the character, so enhance away!
      • Crafting recipes now save onto the character
      • The enhancement bar is now offset correctly to align properly with the menu itself
      • You can no longer scroll the shop down infinitely

      • Due to an engine bug, you will not be able to see hair color, skin color, or clothing color until this is fixed. These will still be saved onto your character so you will see them when a fix to this bug arrives.