Update Log [11/13/17]

    The Cash Shop is now live! Visit it here!

    • Update Log [11/13/17]

      We're nearly done with character creation, here's a glimpse of what that looks like atm.

      • Copper Ores now have 100% chance of dropping ores
      • Item Merchant Henry is no longer selling enhancement stones
      • Skill Master Trim is now selling Copper Ingot craft recipe scroll
      • Attack 3 was removed from the list of basic attack animations (to make way for heavy attacks)
      • Admins can now use the following commands
        • Who - See a list of players on server
        • Teleport - Teleport to a specific player
        • Summon - Summon a specific player
      The character creation will go live in a few hours with a lot of important changes and bug fixes.